Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Want to gain true knowledge and achieve great success? Try failing for a change!

In our society the words fail, failing, or failure have become dirty nasty words that are only spoken in times of great ridicule and admonishment of ourselves or others. They are words that we try extremely hard to never use and rarely even to think about. As children we learn early on that failing is an unacceptable action or behavior. In business, the CEO may set new goals and objectives for the year and may state that "Failure is not an option!" In fact, we have become so conditioned to the fear of failure that we try to avoid new challenges at all costs just to avoid the possibility of failing.

So, why is it then, that success usually follows failure? Well, most successful people are the result of persisting beyond the limits of failure, and usually not one failure, but several. Thomas Edison failed at inventing the light bulb over 10,000 times before finally making it work. It is often through failures that we discover the route to success. So, the next time you fail, embrace that failure and rejoice about what you can learn and where it can take you! Hug your children and show them that through failure comes true knowledge. Tell me about your failures and where they have lead you?


  1. ...good thoughts --thanks Randy.

    For sure failures hurt and they are embarrassing. Moving beyond the pain and the embarassement and learning from the experience is what counts..

    In many societies (and I personally had done business in at least 14 countries around the world), failure is the end: Once one fails, he or she is finished!

    I must say that United States of America is one place in the world where failure is perhaps most tolarated.

    The American expression (something like) "I don't care what happened to you, but I am interested in what you're gonna do about it" is an indication of a progress and solutions oriented society.

    One of my most favorite speeches on 'success and failure' is by the Entrepreneur and VC, Randy Komisar. A video of the segment can be found on our blog: http://officedivvy.blogspot.com/

    Thanks once again,

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  2. Ky, Thank you so much for your thoughts. I really appreciate your input. Please come back and visit again!