Tuesday, March 9, 2010

This past week I was both honored and humbled to be featured on a blog regarding my personal philosophy on success and failure (That blog post is below as it appeared on March 4, 2010). And, the fact that it was featured by Ky Ekinci, Co-Founder of Office Divvy makes it that much more special!

You see, Ky and his partners understand SUCCESS. In 2007, they created Office Divvy in Palm Coast, Florida. Office Divvy is a cost effective, comfortable, and professional work and meeting space for all profiles in the business community. They deliver a turnkey business operation, to work-from-home professionals; corporations; individuals or companies that are starting up or downsizing; allowing these companies to concentrate on their core business objectives instantly.

Ky and his partners are the true economic developers! Economic developers that are helping small business to grow and prosper. In addition, Ky and his partners have adopted social network tools such as Twitter to reach out to a larger audience and help small business and entrepreneurs to SUCCEED. And, they impart great wisdom to those that follow, unselfishly, one Tweet at a time!

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Randy Seitz's Powerful Quotes on "Failure"
by Ky Ekinci
Office Divvy

I've noticed Randy Seitz on twitter early on, and we made an immediate connection. He is a terrific and experienced Economic Development Executive with a diverse background and an impressive track record.

A couple days ago, Randy was on twitter, skillfully engaging others while machine-gunning a bunch of powerful quotes on "failure."

Last Summer I posted a short blog entry on "Success and Failure" based on a video interview of another Randy -- the Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist, Randy Komisar. Mr. Komisar was arguing that it is the tolerance for failure that leads to innovation, and hence a solopreneur, a small business owner, a startup are more likely to be innovative (because they can tolerate failure) vis a vis a large corporation. That blog post, and the video interview can be found here: Biggest Success Breeds from Failure

There has been much said, and there is much to say about Success, Failure, and Innovation, but I will not say more. I will instead leave you with some of Randy Seitz's quotes through his wonderful tweets:

" What you call failure... I call practice! "

" I didn't fail... I was preparing for greatness! "

" Failure makes perfect! "

" I am one more failure away from greatness! "

...and when I made a comment to Randy about him being on a roll with his great quotes on failure, he responded with yet another gem:
" ...breaking past the fear of failure is where you will find true success! "

If you are on twitter, you can connect with Randy: @RPSeitz

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