Tuesday, September 22, 2009

And tell me... What do values have to do with business?

Visionary leaders and effective CEO's understand how important it is to establish and model good core values. These core values will ultimately help staff when they are faced with the challenge of making difficult decisions. For example, I have adopted the following 3 core values at the Oil Region Alliance of Business Industry & Tourism:

1. Integrity - "Say what you do." And, "do what you say!"

2. Honesty - Always tell the truth - Always!

3. Accountability - Be accountable for your actions - Admit when you're wrong!

So, for example, if you: "say what do" and then: "do what you say" you will maintain your integrity. If you always tell the truth, no matter how hard that may be, you will be known for your honesty. And, if you are accountable for your actions, and are willing to admit when you are wrong, then you will truly be accountable to the people you serve.

Therefore, organizations and their staff that adopt these core values can communicate without hesitation; can do what is right regardless of the circumstances, with no hidden agendas, no political games, and no regrets; never have to rationalize a situation as being an "isolated one-time event," because they know where their integrity boundaries exit; they never let results become more important than the means of obtaining those results and they know that how they win is just as important as the act of winning itself.

Adopting values is one of the most important choices that a CEO and an organization can make because these values, not only guide your actions, but they keep you on the path to long-term success. There is never, I repeat never, a good reason to sacrifice your values. In business, as well as life, people might forgive an error in judgment, but they will never trust an unscrupulous act. So, no matter what, choose to do the right thing, and guard your values as if they were precious gems. Please share with me your organizational or personal core values?


  1. Hi Randy,

    I picked on your poll; honesty, integrity, and courage. I picked these three because without courage one cannot have honesty, integrity, accountability, respect, compassion and fairness; not 24/7 anyway. It is for some very hard not to compromise their values because of pressures of family, co-workers, etc. Personally I have found out that it takes absolute courage to not bucklein under ones values and ethics in the mist of all life’s circumstances. I loved your statement, “There is never, I repeat never, a good reason to sacrifice your values.” You are right, it is never acceptable.

  2. Thank you for your insightful comments!

  3. Thank you for a great blog. Hope you have a great day.